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We have multiple team members and want clients to be able to book who ever is available, how do I do that?

Create a "Resource Group" of team members. Resource groups are collections of resources that can be referred to in services, clients can then pick an individual from the group based on availability or preference. (Resource groups can also be a group of rooms, mats or parking bays etc, but in this article we are referring to team members)

An example would be a group called "Therapists" , in this group we have three Team Members - Paizlee, Peter and Perfect.

When creating a Service, you have the option of allocating the service to the Group, or an individual (this is used in cases where certain services are unique to a team member, below Peter is the only team member who does Video calls)

When your client lands on your Public booking page and selects a service, they have the option to select a preferred team member, or "no preference". If they select "no preference", Bookem will show the next available slots, across all team members, which is great when a client needs an appointment soonest.

To create a Resource group, go to Settings - Resources - Add Group - give the Group a clever name that you will understand and assign the relevant team members. You can create more than one Resource group, if you need to.

Once your Group is created, you need to assign the group to the appropriate Services. To do this, go to Settings - Services and allocate the Resource group to the relevant Service under "serviced by" in the Service.