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Availability Settings Repeats


Perhaps you offer Home Visits, but only on Wednesday and Friday mornings, or the first day of the month. Set your availability for the services and resources to suit your schedule. Set the repeats in your Availability Settings to show client's when you are available for online bookings.

Schedule Types:

  • Available: This creates openings in your diary for clients to book time with you, through your Public booking page.

  • Time off: This blocks time off for lunch, school run, holidays and etc.

Description: The basic description would be Working hours - you can name it anything you like, or even leave it blank, as long as you understand what it means

From, Until and On: The beginning date and time for the interval you'd like to schedule once-off, or repeat. You can also click the all day checkbox.

Applies To: This lets you set which services and team member/s this availability applies to


Daily, Weekly, Monthly repeats - set how often this repeats in a recurring cycle.

Normally what you would do is:

Usually, people work Monday - Friday at regular hours. If this is the case, you'd want to repeat your schedule Weekly every (one) Week, on one or more days such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Like so:

Other (more obscure) possibilities:

Daily - You can set to only take Assessment At Home bookings online, but only every 2 days.

Weekly - You may want to make Home Visits available, between 3pm and 6pm, on a Wednesday and Friday, once every three weeks.

Monthly - Make Home visits available for online bookings every 30 days.