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Block out public holidays on your Bookem calendar

You probably don't want clients booking appointments with you on public holidays. However, manually blocking out these dates at each location can be time-consuming. We'll show you how to expedite this process.

Subscribe to an external calendar feed

To prevent public bookings during these times throughout the year, you can subscribe to external calendar feeds tailored to the holidays of your specific country. A website like provides these feeds. To use this site, simply select your country on their webpage. On the left-hand side click the option "Subscribe to Calendar"

You can now click the copy text button under option 2

Assign holiday calendar URL to team members

After copying the URL, go to Settings > Team members where you'll need to go to each team member you want to subscribe to this holiday calendar.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the team member

  • Scroll down to iCal import and click + Add URL

  • You will need to add the iCal import URL as you would for any external calendar.

  • Click save and repeat for other team members

That's it, no more bookings on public holidays!