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Camera/webcam settings for video calls

For video calls to run smoothly for all attendees, camera and mic settings need to be correct. Whether it's on the client or the business's end, incorrect settings can cause frustration and cost more time than necessary. This article will run you through how to make sure your settings are correct.

Make sure your computer camera or webcam settings are set up correctly for online video calls

Here's how:

  1. We recommend using Google Chrome as your default browser

  2. Allow Bookem to access your camera and microphone (a pop-up will request access when opening a video call like in the image below)

  3. If you have not previously granted your camera and microphone access to Bookem. You need to go change your settings now. To do this, click on the video icon at the right end of the search bar on your browser

  4. Select 'Always allow camera and microphone access', and it will change to 'Continue allowing https// to access your camera and microphone'

Your microphone and camera settings are now appropriately set for video calls. If you still experience problems, check your browser settings by following the steps in this article.

Video call filters

At the moment, Bookem doesn't use filters for video calls, but you can change your camera to the one you prefer to enhance the quality of the video calls.

How to set your preferred camera for video calls in Google Chrome

1. Click the three dots on the top right corner and select Settings

2. Select 'Privacy and security'

3. Select 'Site Settings'

4. Click 'Camera'

5. Now, select your preferred camera from the drop-down menu

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