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How to create/edit a Booking Form

Bookem lets you send out Booking Forms for clients to fill in before their appointment. The default Booking Form asks for the client's name, surname, email, contact number and provides a space for notes.

You can customise these forms to include service-specific questions.

Here's how

1. Go to Forms and click on 'Booking'.

2. Choose to edit an existing form or add a new one.

3. Click '+ Add' or the plus symbol between fields.

4. Pick the type of field you want to add.

This could be:

  • A field linked to a client profile, which will update the client's profile with the new information, like the client's Date of Birth.

  • An input field, which will be saved with the booking only.

    There are various types of input fields. In this case, we'll add a 'Long text entry' input field. Learn more about fields in this help article: Form input fields - all you need to know

5. Complete the field with a label and any other required information for that field type. An example is provided in the image below.

6. Once you've finished the entry, click 'Add item'.

You can see what your form will look like by clicking 'Preview'.

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