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How do I add my banking details for bank transfer/ EFT Payments in Bookem?

Bookem supports various payment methods, including EFT or bank transfer. To receive payments, you'll have to make your banking details available to clients.

Here's how to add your banking details:

  • Now, Insert your Bank Details and payment instructions under 'Payment instructions'

    Your banking details will now be added to invoices and can also be pulled into automated messages going out to clients.

This is an example of what you can now expect to see on your invoices (note they will only show on finalised invoices, not draft invoices)

You're all done!

Note: If you are accepting EFT payments Bookem won't know about incoming payments since we don't have access to your bank account. To ensure payments are allocated for EFTs, you will have to manually mark the booking as paid once the funds reflect in your account.

A note on payment receipts to clients

To ensure your clients get a receipt for their payment, you will need to do the following:

  • Once you receive notification of payment, you can manually capture it on Bookem

  • You will be prompted to send your client a confirmation of this payment receipt

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