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How do I block off long periods of time off, such as holidays?

Setting time long periods of time off

To make sure clients, or Team Members making bookings, don't see Team Members/Resources as available when they're on holiday, Time-off can be added to mark them as such.

Schedules are location-specific. So, if you have more than one Location, you'll need to set up availability for each one separately.

Time-off can be set for an individual or a Team at the selected location by going to "Availability" and selecting the +Available or +Time off button on the top left of the screen

Next, populate the modal so that it looks similar to the example below.

In this example, we're setting time off to begin on the 20th December 2022 and end on 03rd January 2023 . We are applying this time off to the entire team at the Cape Town location.

If you need to set time off for individuals, follow the same set up, and change the "Applies to" to the relevant services and team members (see below)