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How do I request a feature that I'd like to see on Bookem?

We love to hear about what you think may be something particularly useful or a usability refinement for Bookem. In fact, we take feedback from everyone that do (and lots that don't yet!) use Bookem to help us decide what we do next.

Unfortunately we can't implement every request. Feature requests that are likely to benefit a large number of people on Bookem are more likely to be added to our roadmap. However, if we consider the request easy to implement and it doesn't negatively impact other users we may add it to our feature backlog.

If we do choose to implement a requested feature, it may take some time. We do on certain rare occasions offer Accelerated Development and may even consider doing Custom Feature Development**.

Mail us with details of your request, and reasons why, on

**In order for Custom Feature Development or Accelerated Development to happen:

  • it must not impacting other clients negatively

  • if the feature requires an up-front design, the requesting business pays a cost estimate for such a design,

  • the requesting business will be presented with a cost estimate to develop what was designed.