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How do I share my online booking link with clients?

There are a number of ways to share your online booking link, to help clients find you online and encourage them to use your Bookem appointment scheduling.

  • Share your QR code on your Social Media

  • Always include your booking link in Social Media posts

  • Add your online booking link to your Instagram bio

  • Add your links to your LinkedIn profile

  • Add your booking link to your WhatsApp profile

  • Add your online booking link to your business WhatsApp automated replies

  • Add a "book now" button to your website

  • Add your booking QR code to your website

  • Embed Bookem into your website and take bookings from within your website

  • Add your online booking link and QR code to your email signatures

All of the technical code and details are available under Share on the top right of your Bookem screen.