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How to add an ICD-10 codes column to invoices

You can add ICD-10 codes to invoices. Even though your invoice template should already have it, it may have been removed, so if it doesn't you'll have to add a column to your invoice settings so that ICD-10 codes will be included in line items.

This article covers the following two scenarios:

  • A business that started using Bookem before their business template included invoices with an ICD-10 code column, and now wants to add one.

  • Someone deleted the ICD-10 code column from the invoice settings, and now wants to add it again.

Here's how

1. Go to Settings > Payments & Invoicing

2. Navigate to the line items tab

3. Now, click 'Edit columns' in the top bar

4. Click 'Add column' to add a new line item column

5. Rename the label to 'ICD-10 code'

6. Now, select the list source as Data list, and select the ICD-10 Code Data List from the drop-down menu

7. Click 'Add item'. You're all done!

This is what your invoice will look like when it has the ICD-10 code column added to it:

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