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Is my data safe/backed up?

The security and safety of your data is very important to us. This article describes, broadly, what we do to safeguard your data.


Our servers have redundancy built-in. This means that if Bookem's app server goes down for whatever reason, another version takes over. Same with our databases.


All your data is automatically and incrementally backed up, for up to a month, in a physically different location. This means, in a particularly catastrophic event, your most recent data can be recovered and restored with no or minimal data loss from an entirely different location.

Encryption and security

Data is encrypted 'at rest' using AES-256 on AWS S3 with Galois Counter Mode (GCM) for any symmetric key encryption operations. GCM provides authenticated encryption by adding a unique tag to the ciphertext which verifies that the encrypted data has not been tampered with in any way.

Data is encrypted in transit (between you, clients and our servers) using TLS 1.3.

Our servers are protected against DDOS attacks using Cloudflare.

Versioning of Notes

All Client Notes are versioned. This means that each Note that saved is never overwritten, nor deleted, even if you may only see the latest version when using Bookem. To request a version of Notes at any other time in the past, just shoot us a request on any of our usual support channels.