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Line item groups: grouping invoice line items for faster invoicing

Line item groups can be used to store frequently used combinations of treatment codes and descriptions that would typically be used when capturing invoices.

Once a line item group has been created it can be used when capturing an invoice. This saves time as multiple codes can be inserted into the invoice with a single click. 

For example, a Physiotherapist may create a line item group called 'Follow-up Consultation (Other joint)' which could contain codes for the following: Myofascial release/soft tissue mobilisation, Mobilisation: all other joints, Neural tissue mobilisation and Rehabilitation.

How to create a new line item group

  • Go to Settings > Payments & Invoicing > Line item groups

How to add line item groups to an invoice

  • In your Calendar, or in Clients, open the client profile for who you'd like to generate an invoice. See the video below for further steps.

Line item groups is a Bookem Plus feature. Click here to learn more about Bookem's pricing.

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