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Multiple clients per booking

This article steps you through how to book more than one client in for the same booking. This is useful for when someone is escorting a client, or for seeing multiple clients at once.

To do this, you'll need a Plus or Premium subscription.

First, book in a client as usual. On the New booking modal, click on Add client. See below.

You can keep adding more clients, or you can remove added clients.

Notes and/or invoices can be created for each client and will be linked to the same booking.

Allowing multiple clients to book online isn't yet supported, but there is an undocumented hack available that will allow for multiple clients to book the same slot online. If you're interested, mail us at and we'll fill you in.

However, group and class bookings (for clients and in-app) will be fully implemented and supported on Bookem in the next few months.