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Adding a signature field to Notes

Certain businesses find it important to add a signature field to Notes. If you're one of these businesses, it's important to bear in mind that changes to Note versions are saved against the logged in team member's profile. In a way this trumps the intent of signing a Note, since, if you ever need to, prove that it was that team member who made the change(s) to a Note, Bookem could verify this, whereas a signature can always be forged.

This of course assumes that your business is following sensible security practices, such as not sharing logins/passwords.

If you'd nevertheless prefer to have a signature captured whenever making Notes, you can add it to the bottom of an existing Note Form or create a dedicated Note Form for this purpose.

See below for how you'd go about this.

Navigate to Note Forms, and either create a new Note Form, or click to edit an existing one.

Click to add a signature field to the form where you need it to be

The field 'type' that you'd be interested in adding is called "Signature". See below:

Change the label and mark it as required if you'd like to force a signature before saving can happen, and click Add item:

Now click Save & close: