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Booking Preferences - all you need to know

Bookem Booking Preferences is the place you set how your Bookings are handled when you, or your team members, make a booking manually as well as how your Public bookings are managed.

For a quick view of Booking Preferences, watch the clip below and then read on for more detailed information for each of the setting options.

Default status for bookings created by team members

NB. this is for when you, or your team, make a booking in the Calendar manually (not an online booking, through your Public booking page)

  • Confirmed - it's in the diary (your Automated messages will be sent accordingly)

  • Awaiting payment - the appointment will confirm, but only once payment is made during an online booking, paying an invoice for a booking, or manually allocating a payment from the business side.

  • Pencilled in - this will reserve the space in your diary, but not send confirmation to the client, until you confirm it.

How would you like to confirm bookings?

  • Confirm bookings without review - set this one for automatic booking confirmations

  • Confirm booking upon payment - bookings will automatically be confirmed, once payment is received

  • Manually confirm booking requests - you may prefer to have a look at your diary, before you confirm an appointment. If you select this option, you will need to set the "booking reservation duration" - the example below shows that you have three hours to confirm the booking, and in this time, the slot is reserved for the client and not visible to any one else.

Show pricing online

Use a booking policy

  • Remind your clients, what your booking policy is by switching this on for Public bookings. They’ll be prompted to accept it each time they book online

Disable online booking cancellations

  • Choose to allow clients to cancel bookings online, or not

Limit Public availability a.k.a Fog of War

  • This a super cool feature that allows you to set how many available time slots are shown on your Public booking page. Useful if you don’t want clients to see you’re not particularly busy, or you want to limit the number of bookings you take online in a day. Read more about this here

Minimum and maximum lead time for bookings

  • Here you decide whether a client can book half an hour before an appointment, or more; as well as how far ahead of time you are willing to take bookings - this can be hours, day, months - it's your calendar and you can decide.