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Setting up Custom Fields for Clients/Patients

If you'd like to store more client details, such as home and postal address, medical aid details, identity number and so forth, this article is for you. Custom fields are important when using:

  • Invoicing; or
  • Forms (for online bookings or online intake forms/questionnaires)

Head to Clients and click the Profile fields button on the top.

Click on the + Add Field button on the bottom or the + under or above any existing field.

Choose the type of field you'd like to add, for example, if you'd like:

  • a general text field question, such as 'Favourite colour' or 'Medical aid name', choose Short Text Entry
  • to allow for a long answer, choose Long Text Entry
  • to take additional phone numbers, choose Phone Number

Reorganise the fields as you'd like them to appear by dragging them up and down.

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