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Capturing a screen recording of an issue on your desktop

Upon encountering unusual or errant behaviour on Bookem, we might ask you to capture a screen recording to mail or message us. This article explains how to go about it on desktops.

For screen recording on your mobile device (iOS or Android) go here, otherwise read below for doing so on your desktop.

However, the easiest option on desktop is to use your phone’s camera to take a photo or video and message it to our WhatsApp support number on +27 (0) 872500345


  1. Open the app/window that you want to record

  2. Follow these detailed instructions or press the Windows key + Shift + S at the same time to open the Snipping Tool

  3. In the top toolbar, press the Record button, then press New.

  4. Click to drag and drop a rectangle indicating the portion of the screen you would like to record.

  5. Press Start and you will see a 3-second countdown begin for your recording.

  6. After you finish, press Stop. Your recording can then be copied into memory, shared via the Share dialog, or Saved (by default, it will be saved in the Videos folder).

  7. Send it to our Whatsapp support number or mail it to


  1. Press Command + Space Bar, type in Quicktime

  2. Open QuickTime player

  3. Tap "File" at the top left of the display

  4. Choose "New Screen Recording"

  5. Click 'record button'

  6. Select the area of the screen that is to be recorded

  7. Hit 'start recording'

  8. Stop the recording by clicking on the Stop icon at the top right of the display (target icon)

  9. Mail it to