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Download your desktop or mobile app for Bookem

This article will run you through how to install Bookem as an app on different devices.

Bookem is what’s called a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means that it's not really necessary to download from an app store. However, it is available on the Google Play store, since Google generally makes publishing PWAs easy. Apple does not.

On desktop

The easiest way of doing this is on Chrome:

  • Navigate to

  • Click on the download icon appearing on the right-hand side of your URL bar. See screenshots below:

Click here:

Then click Install:

On Android (such as Samsung or Huawei tablets or phones)

Download Bookem's Android app from the Play Store here.

On an iPhone or iPad

  • Open Safari and log in at

  • click the icon at the bottom of your browser, as indicated below:

  • Choose "Add to Home Screen"

If you're not seeing this option, have a look here to find out what could be the problem:

  • Change the description if you like (at the top), but keep the URL as is (at the bottom)

  • Now tap 'Add' on the top right

  • You’ll find Bookem’s icon appearing on your Home Screen along with all your other apps