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Setting up availability for team members

To set up your working hours/availability, first, ensure the right location is selected. Availability must be set at each location separately. There is no way to set a schedule for all locations at once as time zones my differ.

Working hours can be set for a Team at the selected location by going to Availability

This brings up a modal to create an Available or Time off interval for the Location In the new window that pops up, choose Available from the "schedule type" drop down

In our example, we're setting an availability interval to begin on the 08th December 9.00am, and then end on the same day at 05:00pm.

We then we repeat this interval weekly, on every weekday, every week, and set this recurrence to never end. The availability interval that we're repeating applies to all services for the business, as well as all team members that take bookings, i.e. resources.

In other words, this schedule will make everyone at this location available between 9am and 5pm on weekdays:

If you'd like this interval to only apply to only one person/resource, then change Any resource to that specific resource, for e.g., Applies to All services serviced by Percy Perfect.

If you'd like this interval to apply to everyone except one person/resource OR perhaps a team member does is not available for a particular service. click Add exception and specify the condition for the exception

In this example below, Paizlee Perfect does not work these standard office working hours and Percy Perfect does not provide "Follow up Consultations" during these particular hours.

Clicking on the purple '+' on the right allows you to add multiple conditions for Applies to or Does not apply to.

It's important to set up correct working hours for you business for the following reasons:

  • so that your main calendar has helpful visual cues to clearly indicate when team members are on holiday/time-off vs blocked out vs available/business as usual.

  • so that reports work correctly

  • most importantly, if your business takes online bookings, clients won't be able to book online if this hasn't been done