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Embed Bookem on Wix

To ensure Bookem works best on Wix, it's important that we use Custom Elements. To insert a custom element on your page

  1. Click Add button on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Click Embed Code.

  3. Click the Custom Element to add it to your page.

  4. Click Choose Source above the new custom element.

  5. Select Server URL and enter ""

  6. Enter "bookem-widget" as the Tag Name

  7. Close the Element Settings window.

  8. Click Set Attributes above the custom element.

  9. Click Set Attributes in the Element Attributes window.

  10. Enter "business-id" as the Attribute Name.

  11. Enter your business id * as the Value.

  12. Click Set.

You are done and can now position your new widget.

* You can find your business id in the embed code snippet in Settings - Sharing and integrations