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How do I add and edit Team Member Information?

Add and edit Team Member Details, Availability and Notification settings in Settings - Team Members.

To add a Team Member click on the + Add button on the top right, which lets you load the basics for a new Team Member, which, when saved, shows a few more options, such as for Percy Perfect below.

You'll see Locations he is associated with (such as the physical locations he works at), his Bio, which will show on the Public Booking Page, and we have set "Bookings enabled" to on, so that he can be available for bookings.

Availability shows us when he is available for specific services at each location. Remember that this very important to get right for Online Bookings as this indicates when the services will be available for clients to book. (You can still book any service at any location in your calendar manually)

Below, you can see and edit the Notifications for Percy. Note he gets an SMS when a booking is cancelled or requested, and gets an SMS Reminder one hour before an appointment. The rest of his notifications are delivered in his Bookem App Messages and via Email.

Here's more detail about team member notification preferences.

When this is done and you're back on Settings - Team Members, remember to add your team member to the relevant Group or Groups, if your business uses them. To do this, click on the Group button on the top right.

More about Groups (coming up)