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How do I add and edit Team Member Information?

Add and edit Team Member Details and Notification settings in Settings - Team Members.

To add a Team Member click on the + Add button on the top right.

  • Add the locations the team members works at in Associated locations - remember to set up their availability at each location as well

  • Add the team member to any relevant groups in Associated groups - ignore if you do not use resource groups

  • Associate the team member with all services they provide in +Associate with service

  • Include a short Bio, if you would like this to show on your public booking page

  • Insert their specific practice details for invoices, if different from the standard business, in invoice information. This will overwrite the standard business information in invoices.

  • Toggle bookings enabled to on if you they are bookable, or off if not. Bookem charges per bookable resource over 3 resources, admin and non bookable resources are not billed for usage.

  • Set their Permissions - full Admin access or Standard user access

Once they have accepted their invite and logged into their Bookem account, they will be able to sync their external calendar to Bookem and sync Bookem to their external calendar.

Set their Notifications and reminders under Notifications, you can change this any time.

Once you have added your team member, go to Availability and set up their available hours.

Here's more detail about team member notification preferences.

This article explains more about groups