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How do I send client intake forms automatically?

Client intake forms can be sent to new clients once their booking is confirmed. This automated feature helps you save time and continuously collect important information from new clients.

How to send intake forms automatically

Follow these steps:

  • Before you start, make sure you have an initial service set up to link the intake form to (Learn more here)

  • In the navigation bar, on the left, go to Settings > Automated messages

  • Click + Add and select reminder. Alternatively, you can also edit an existing reminder

  • Now, select the location the booking applies to, and the team member or resource who will take the appointment

  • To link the form to your initial service, select any booking under occurrences of bookings

  • Be sure to edit the text body by adding your custom message to clients before making any bookings that require automated forms to be sent out (see the image below)

    To link the intake form in the message, type a # and a box will appear. Search and select the form you want to link.

  • Now, click save. Your automated message with the linked intake form will now be sent to new clients automatically.

Pro tips

  • Make sure that your intake form is complete and easy to use

  • Use clear and concise language in your messages to avoid confusion

  • Test your automated messages to make sure that they are working properly

    You can do this by booking yourself in for a service

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