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How to add multiple durations to Services

Bookem offers the flexibility to assign multiple durations to a single service. This eliminates the need for creating separate services for different durations, streamlining your service offerings and making management more efficient.

The following are examples of unnecessary services:

  • Follow-up consultation (30 minutes)
  • Follow-up consultation (45 minutes)
  • Follow-up consultation (60 minutes)

Instead, Bookem allows you to add different durations to a single service

We've demonstrated this in the the example below:

A Follow-up Consultation - with duration options of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour

Here's how to do this

1. When adding or editing a service, simply select the '+' and add the next duration, that way your client can select the time from the drop-down that will appear on the public booking page.

2. You can set different locations to have different durations and prices

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