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Set up the types of services your business offers

Services are the appointments that your clients can book with you. They are key to your business and the first thing a client chooses when booking.

Here's how to set up your services correctly:

To create a new service:

1. Go to Settings - Services

2. Create a new service by clicking the "+ Add" button in the top right corner and give your service a name and description.

3. Allow client bookings. If you want clients to book this service themselves, tick the box next to the service name. This only applies if your calendar is set to 'Public', meaning it's viewable and bookable online.

4. Select where the service will be provided and the location.

5. Now, allocate staff/ resources by selecting a team member, group or resource from the drop down menu.

6. You can now set the duration by filling in 'Duration' field.

7. OPTIONAL: You can add a price if you want. If you do, this will be shown to your clients when they book.

Following these steps will help you set up services easily and manage them effectively, improving the booking experience for your clients. If you need more help, please contact our support team.