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Differences between a Sendable, Booking and Note form

Forms are a Bookem Plus feature. Bookem Basic client fields are preset and store First Name, Last Name, email and contact number and the default booking form asks for the same information. These details are stored in the Client Profile.

Sendable Forms

A Sendable form is used to capture all of your client information, including, but not limited to Name, ID Number, Medical Aid details, Address. These are typically sent to new clients when they book their first appointment. It is important to remember that you need to set these fields up in your client profile, before setting up the form and that you "link to client profile" in order for the information to be stored correctly.

You can see what a Sendable Form could look like in the video below.

Booking Forms

A Booking Form is the form clients complete whenever they make an online booking. It is typically short and asks for basic information, such as Name, Email and Contact Number. You can customise Booking Forms for services, in order to gather service specific information. Here's a sample Booking Form:

Note Forms

Note forms are forms used within Notes, as a way of creating a set of questions and/or fields and/or images or body charts for completing when making a Note.

Here's what a typical Note Form could look like, in particular a Patient Assessment form with a body chart and some fields for observations:

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