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How to add payment details to an invoice or statement

Bookem allows you to generate and send statements and invoices. It also allows clients to pay directly by using the payment details and QR codes provided on them by either clicking or scanning.

Note: Funds paid by clients using online payment methods will automatically be allocated to outstanding invoices, starting with the oldest. If the payment exceeds the amount of the first invoice, the remaining balance will be applied to subsequent invoices until the total amount is allocated.

To ensure payment details appear on your statements and invoices, you need to make sure they are set up correctly.

How to add payment details to invoices and statements

Follow these steps:

1. Add your payment methods in Settings > Payments & Invoicing > Payment methods

2. If the payment method is toggled on to show on invoices, this will also reflect on your statements

Here's an example

The statement below is an example of how it could look when payment methods are added.

Note: Clicking on any invoice listed in a statement will display the original invoice, including all billed line items.

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