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How to link client-specific ICD-10 codes to invoices on Bookem

Bookem offers a convenient feature that automates the inclusion of ICD-10 codes on invoices.

How to add ICD-10 codes to a client's profile

By linking specific codes to individual clients, Bookem ensures that the correct ICD-10 code is automatically used whenever you generate an invoice for that client.

Here's how:

  • Go to Clients > Profile Fields

  • Click the 'Add field' button at the bottom of the page or the '+' buttons between existing fields

  • Now, choose the field type called Tags

  • Rename the label to 'ICD-10 code'

  • Now, select the list source as Data list, and select the ICD-10 Code Data List from the drop-down menu

  • Now, go to the client's profile

  • In the client's profile, select the ICD-10 code that applies to them

  • Now, when you create an invoice, the ICD-10 code(s) you associated with the client will be automatically populated on the invoice (see below):

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