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How to customise invoices

In Bookem, you have the option to customise your invoices to match your business style and preferences.

Before you start, make sure client profile fields are set up for invoicing.

To customise your invoices, follow these steps

  • Add your footer in Settings > Payments & Invoicing

  • Add your logo in Settings > Business profile

  • Add your payment methods in Settings > Payments & Invoicing > Payment methods

  • Add, hide or delete columns in line items for invoice

    1. Go to Settings > Payments & Invoicing

    2. Navigate to the line items tab

    3. Now, click 'Edit columns' in the top bar

    4. Click 'Add column' to add a new line item column called 'Associated Resources'

    5. Rename the label to, for example, 'Team member'

    6. Now, click 'Show more'

    7. You can now also decide whether you want the client to see this new column on the invoice by using the toggles

    There is also a way to hide/unhide columns from your invoice by clicking the eye icon in the right corner as see in the video below. Toggle what you'd like to hide or unhide from the drop down as necessary

    [video file]

Now, you are free to click and edit any items, for any final edits/ changes before finalising and sending the invoice

Other customisable settings around invoices

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