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Adding a team member column to invoice line items

Bookem allows you to keep track of your team's commissions. When you create an invoice from a booking, Bookem automatically connects your team members to it.

If you want more granular control, you have the option of adding a team member column. This is a particularly special type of column and only applies if you want to check, change or override how resources/team members are already automatically being assigned to invoice line items linked to bookings. This is particularly useful when you want to track team member sales and commissions.

How to add a team member column to invoice line items

Follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Payments & Invoicing

2. Navigate to the Line items tab

3. Now, click 'Edit columns' in the top bar

4. Click 'Add column' to add a new line item column

5. From the drop-down, select 'Associated resources', rename it 'Team members' and click 'Add item' and then 'Save and close'

Here's a video showing you how to add an Associated resource/ Team member column to Line items :

Here's an example of what your invoice should look like now with the Team member column, note that the client will not see this column in the final version of the invoice they receive.

Once exported into a spreadsheet as per the steps in this article, this is an example what you'll see:

If you would like to analyse your data using a pivot table, click here to learn more: Create a Pivot Table to analyze worksheet data

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