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How to track commissions for team members

This article is for businesses for whom it is important to calculate earnings for individual team members for services rendered or consumables sold.

When invoicing from within a booking in a client profile (from within your Bookem Calendar, and only then), associated resources such as team members will automatically be associated with your line items (even if it's set as hidden on your invoice) because Bookem registers who the booking was made with from within the client profile. When you add new bookings to an invoice, Bookem also allocates Associated Resources (eg. team members) involved with each new line item.

To calculate earnings for each team member, you'll need to export your invoice data into a spreadsheet. We'll walk you through it.

Exporting line items for invoices in a spreadsheet

Here's how:

1. Go to Accounts > Invoices

2. Now, click 'Export line items' in the bar at the top

3. A banner will pop up asking what dates you'd like to download invoices for. Specify the start and end dates, then click 'download'

4. A .xlsx spreadsheet file will download to your computer. When you open it using programs such as Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets, you can locate the 'Team member' column, which helps you extract the relevant data.

If you don't see ' Team member' or ‘Associated Resources’ column then you most likely started using Bookem before this was added by default for new businesses. Click here to learn how to add one.

If you would like to analyse your data using a pivot table, click here to learn more: Create a Pivot Table to analyze worksheet data

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