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How to track income from sources other than services (eg. consumables and stock)

Bookem offers customisable invoice options, one of which includes adding specific columns tailored to your business needs. These columns categorise and help track your income from different sources such as consumables and stock.

Here are the steps to follow:

Categorise your line items: Assign types

In the example below, we show you how to add and track consumables and stock.

We'll use a physiotherapist as an example. For this type of business, consumables would include things like taping, dry needles and massage oil. Stock could include resistance bands, foam rollers or braces.

To categorise your line items by assigning types, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Payments & Invoicing

2. Navigate to the Line items tab

3. Now, click 'Edit columns' in the top bar

4. Click 'Add column' to add a new line item column

5. Select 'Dropdown'

6. Next, add 'Type' as the label and select 'Options list' as List source.

7. Now, you need to categorise your items. See the image below for an example. We added consumables, procedure and stock as type categories.

8. When you click 'Show more' you can toggle on/off which columns you want your clients to see on their invoices as well as which are “required”.

Here is an example of what your line items might look like after categorising them according to Type:

Exporting Line Items for Invoices in a spreadsheet

Follow these steps:

1. Go to Accounts > Invoices

2. Click 'Export line items' in the bar at the top

3. A banner will pop up asking for the dates you'd like to download invoices for. Specify the start and end dates, then click 'download'

This is an example of what your spreadsheet might look like:

From here you can easily filter by Type to see what stock was used over the specified period.

By creating a pivot table on this data using Excel or Sheets, all used stock can be calculated, click here to learn more on how to work with pivot tables on Excel: Create a Pivot Table to analyse worksheet data

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