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All about locations

Your location is where your business operates from. It can be a physical address or online.

Physical address

If you provide a physical address, a location on a map will be provided to clients when they click on their appointment details link from notifications (such as reminders). Clicking on this map will take them to your location on Google Maps.

How to associate locations on Bookem

You can associate the following with locations:

  • Team Members

  • Resources

  • Services

  • Prices

This means that clients making bookings online can see where the service is offered AND by whom. You can specify which team member(s) serves clients from each location.

Team members may work at more than one location and services can be offered at some or all locations. It is also possible to create location-specific pricing.

How to add more Locations

  1. Go to Settings > Locations

  2. click "+Add" and complete the required information.

Once your Locations are set up, go ahead and:

  • Associate Team Members and Resources

  • Associate Services

How to associate Locations with Team Members/Resources

To add or remove Associated locations:

1. Go to Settings > Team Members

OR Settings > Resources

Here is an example profile for Felix Flexington: You can see that Felix works at Camps Bay and Sea Point.

How to associate Locations with Services

1. Go Settings > Services

2. Click on the service you would like to associate to a location

3. At the bottom, click '+Add location'

4. Now, select the location you would like to add and specify who will be servicing that location

5. Add the price to the service (if you are using Bookem for invoicing and showing prices online)

That's it. You're all set. Just remember to save before you leave this page.

Here's an example of how different locations can be set up

The image below show us that Initial consultations are offered by both Felix and Patrick at the Camps Bay location, while Follow up consultations are offered by Felix at both Sea Point and Camps Bay, while Patrick only offers Follow-up consultations in Camps Bay.

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