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How to merge duplicate clients

Merging duplicate clients is quick and easy.

Bookem typically matches online bookings to existing client profiles. However, variations in details like email, mobile number, or name may lead to the creation of a new profile. This could result in separate booking history, accounts, notes, and other data from the original account.

To resolve this,

You can merge the duplicate client profiles.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Clients

  2. To find duplicate clients that may exist, click on the Find duplicate clients button and follow the prompts

  3. A list of duplicate clients will appear. You can navigate to specific clients and merge the duplicate profiles by selecting the 'merge' button

  4. Note: Client's will be merged from top to bottom keeping non empty fields from the profiles highest in the list. Reorder this list as you see fit.

    Click 'merge in order' once you are happy

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