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Team member notification preferences

You can set Bookem to notify you when any of the following happens with your bookings - these may be Online Bookings or Bookings made by yourself or another Team Member. These can be turned off or on for notifications delivered:

In-App - via the bouncing notification bell on the top right (see below)

via SMS, or email (via your logged in email address).

These are the conditions that team members can be notified for:

  • Bookings confirmed: by a client booking online (if enabled) and/or another team member
  • Bookings cancelled: by a client cancelling online (if enabled) and/or another team member
  • Booking start time changed: by another team member
  • Requested: by a client requesting a booking online (if public bookings are enabled)
  • Pencilled in: by a team member
  • Awaiting payment: another team member and/or client that booked online (if public bookings and online payments are enabled)
  • Booking reminders can be set to remind a team member one or more times about an upcoming appointment at a specific time before it is due to start. Note: this does not notify clients. See Appointment related messages for that.
  • Message received: this triggers a notification to go out to the team member when communication comes in from a client - via email or SMS. For example, after receiving a reminder SMS, a client might reply that they're running 5 minutes late.
  • Form submitted: this triggers a notification to go out to the team member when a client from the location they're affiliated with submits a web form, such as an automated intake form.

To set your Notification settings, go to Settings - Team Members , select the Team Member, pick "Notifications" on the top, and customise the notifications to your preferences.

In the example below Percy gets notified via the Bookem App, SMS and Email when a booking is cancelled or requested by a client. He gets an SMS reminder 1 hour before his appointments and all other notifications come to him via the Bookem App and Email.

Read our help article on Booking Preferences for more detail on some of these settings.