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All about Bookem forms & client profile fields

Bookem forms allows you to capture client information online. This means no more paper forms!

There are three types of forms:

Sendable forms

These forms, such as intake forms or questionnaires, are used to gather information from clients. You can send these forms either manually or automatically. Learn more about automating messages.

Booking forms

Booking forms are used to capture additional information from clients when they make appointments online. This information can be used for in-office use only, or to automatically update client profiles using fields (more on this later in this article).

Note forms

Note forms are used with notes, such as clinical patient notes that require assessment forms or body charts.

When a form is filled out, client profile information can automatically be updated. To do this, make sure you use all the required fields on your client profiles before creating a form that needs to update these your client profile information.

By default, Bookem includes the following client fields:

  • Name and last name

  • Email address

  • Cellphone number

  • Client time zone

  • Opt out of notifications/automated messages

These kind of client profile details are called profile fields. There are also others already loaded onto your business settings that you can move about, edit or delete, such as:

  • Home phone number

  • Address

  • ID and/or medical aid number

You can also add more profile fields if needed.

Here are some additional things you might like to know about forms:

How to create/edit a sendable form such as intake forms or questionnaires

How to create a note form such as assessment forms or body charts

Marking a field as required for completion by a client

The different ways to send a form to a client to complete

Forms is a Bookem Plus feature. Click here to learn more.