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All about online Forms, AKA web forms

Forms is a Bookem Plus feature that you can use to capture client information online. No more paper!

There are three kinds of forms:

  • Sendable forms, for e.g. intake forms/questionnaires. Send these forms manually or automatically. See more about automating messages.

  • booking forms, used for capturing additional information from clients/patients when they're making appointments online. This is also useful for fields for in-office use only that get affiliated with bookings.

  • Note forms, used with notes, such as clinical or patient notes that require assessment forms and/or body charts

When a form is filled out, client profile information can automatically be updated. To do this, make sure you first have all the required information (i.e. fields) on your client/patient profiles before creating a form that needs to update these your client profile information.

By default, Bookem only has a minimal client profile available, which includes:

  • name & last name

  • email address

  • cellphone number

  • client time zone

  • an indicator to opt out of all notifications/automated messages

These kind of client profile details are called client fields. You are probably interested in more client fields such as:

  • home phone number

  • address

  • ID number

See this article for how to add more fields to your Client Profile.

How to create/edit a sendable Form such as intake forms or questionnaires

How to create a Note Form such as assessment forms or body charts

Marking a field as required for completion by a client

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