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All about notifications to clients

Bookem can send out notifications and reminders automatically for businesses.

Businesses need to inform their clients about many things, like confirming appointments, filling out forms, reminding them of appointments, video calls, and surveys. Doing this manually can be tedious and not always reliable. Luckily, Bookem can handle this for you!

In this article, we'll run you through the various types of automated messages and how to set them up on Bookem.

Default Notifications

Bookem has a few default automated messages for booking-related notifications set up and ready to go:

  • Two reminders (one day before and an hour before a booking)

  • Booking created notification

  • Booking cancellation notification

  • Booking change notification (only when the start time is changed)

For businesses that take online booking requests, the following notifications are also set up:

  • Client booking request notification

  • Booking denied notification

  • Booking accepted notification

  • Booking confirmed notification

Follow-up reminders

Follow-up reminders are typically used for messaging clients after their last appointment has ended. For example, you could send a reminder after a rehab session to remind the client to book another session with you in two-week's time.

Two other examples of follow-up reminders are Surveys and Recalls.


  • You can send surveys to your clients after their appointment. This is a great way to get feedback on your services and improve your customer experience.


  • Recalls are used to remind clients to book another appointment. For example, you could send a reminder two days after their appointment was cancelled and not re-booked.

Custom notifications

Custom automated messages gives you the flexibility to send any type of message you need.

To learn how to set up custom automated notifications for your clients, click here.