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How do I allow a client to sign or complete a form in my consulting rooms?

Let a client complete a form on your (or their) device in a few simple steps

This is really useful for forms that need to be completed and signed during a consultation, such as "consent for a specific treatment" forms or for client's who have not completed their online intake form, before their appointment.

Go to "forms - sendable" and select the form you need completed from your list of sendable forms, click on the 3 dots on the right of the form and select "fill in" - see below

Bookem will prompt you to select the client's name, and automatically generate a unique QR code, which the client can scan and fill in and submit on their own device.

The other option is "open in a new tab"

Note: you could potentially expose sensitive client information by handing over your device to a client. To make things safer, you'll be prompted to log out of Bookem first. This way they won't have access to your data on Bookem. Make sure your Bookem password isn't saved in your browser if you do this.

In conclusion

When you open in a new tab on the device you are logged into Bookem on, or scan the QR code on any device, such as the client's or a roaming tablet for this purpose, the client can then complete their form on that device, or you can do it for them and they can sign when you're done.