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I need help setting up PayPal and finding my Client ID and Secret

Accepting PayPal payments for Online bookings and invoice payments is a Bookem Plus feature, which helps streamline your workflow even more - generate an invoice for the appointment - from your calendar, client profile or accounts section - and the rest "just happens"

In order to Link Bookem to PayPal, you need to have a PayPal account, Client ID and Secret. If you have these already, skip to STEP FOUR

Go to and register as a Business. Once you have done this, you need to go through the following steps to get your Client ID and Secret.


Log into

Below you'll see a screenshot of this page, with a Sandbox/Live toggle. This is important. Leaving it in Sandbox mode means only test payments will be accepted. No real money will be debited from an account. Only choose this option if you want to do a test run. We recommend just going live and doing a real-world payment test afterwards, since you'll need to do this anyway.

Toggle the Sandbox/ Live switch to "Live" and select "Create App":


Give your "App" a name and select "Merchant" and then "Create App". This is to give explicit access to an application, such as Bookem, to accept payments on your behalf. You may want to call it something identifiable, such as Bookem payments. Below we're calling it Bookem Help.


Copy and store your "Client ID" and "Secret" for the next step - these are very long alphanumeric codes that are case sensitive, so make sure it's copied precisely. Note: your 'secret' is not your PayPal password.

All done with PayPal.


Next, in your Bookem account, go to Settings - Payments & Invoicing - Payment Methods and select "Add payment method" - select PayPal

Now choose whether you'd like clients to use PayPal to pay for:

  • online bookings and/or

  • if you want a link on your invoice for clients to pay with PayPal

Paste your Client ID and Secret and "Create "

Always run through a test, from a client's perspective, to check that everything works on the channels you're using Paypal for. You can always refund payment to yourself!