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Migrating bookings from your old calendar to Bookem

Migrating bookings from any other platform or external calendar, such as Google or Outlook, to Bookem has to be done manually.

These are some tricks we recommend to ease things a bit:

  1. Import your clients' information into Bookem. If you have a spreadsheet or Excel file with your clients' names, phone numbers, and email addresses, you can import this information into Bookem. This will make it easier to search for and book existing clients. Contact us at if you need help with this.

  2. Synchronize your Google (or other external) calendar with Bookem. This will block out the slots in your Bookem calendar that are already taken by appointments in your external calendar.

  3. On your Bookem calendar, you can see which slots are booked out and with whom. Simply book a slot at the same time (concurrently) as the blocked out slot in your external calendar by clicking the gap just to the right of the blocked slot:

You know you're done migrating your bookings when each blocked out slot from your external calendar has a matching concurrent booking in your Bookem calendar.

Here are some additional tips for migrating your bookings:

  • Pick a start date, for e.g. the beginning of next week or next month.

  • Test first. If you haven't already, make sure everything works as you'd expect. Here's a link to the setup checklist if you haven't seen it yet. Most importantly, the different services booked for should send the correct automated message. Test this by going to the Messages section in your client profile tab, by hovering over the client's name and clicking on the 'Message' shortcut:

  • Start with a small number of bookings. This will make it easier to troubleshoot any problems that you encounter.

If you have any questions about migrating your bookings, please contact Bookem support.