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Maximising email delivery and avoiding spam filters

Over-enthusiastic spam filters unfortunately get it wrong sometimes. At Bookem we do what we can to ensure successful email delivery, and there are some things you can do too.

Google, for example, employs artificial intelligence (AI) to classify emails as spam, considering various factors such as server reputation, content of the message, and the email address from which the emails originate.

This article outlines the reasons behind emails being flagged as spam and provide some solutions to help you enhance email deliverability.

What we do

Server reputation

Our team has diligently worked to maintain a high server reputation, which plays a significant role in email deliverability. We regularly monitor our server reputation through the Gmail Postmaster tool and ensure it remains consistently high.

Email Address Reputation

The email address from which your emails are sent also influences spam classification. To enhance deliverability, emails from your business are sent from This allows the Google or other spam classification AI to differentiate and associate a reputation with emails originating from

What you can do

Customising Automated Messages

Emails can be classified as spam based on various factors, including their content. If the AI algorithm detects elements that resemble spam, it may flag the email. Whilst we strive to optimise our email content, there are instances where customisation may be necessary.

Consider modifying your invoice- and appointment-related messages to align with your unique communication style, you reduce the likelihood of triggering spam filters.

You can customise the content of these templates by following the instructions provided in the article: How do I edit default messages for invoices?

For sendable forms, such as intake or consent forms, you can also customise the content to improve deliverability. Learn how to automatically send client intake forms and make necessary edits in this article How do I send client intake forms automatically?

Send your business mails in plain text

If your clients are reporting your mails landing up in spam you can enable this option in Settings - General preferences to mitigate the changes of mails going to spam.

Encourage Clients to Mark as "Not Spam"

Instruct clients who find your emails in their spam folder to mark them as "not spam." This action is recommended by Google, for example, and helps the AI learn that your emails are not spam. Clients who do this usually only have to do it once, but, perhaps more importantly, by establishing a positive reputation for your email address, future emails to other clients too are less likely to be flagged as spam.

Click here to learn how to mark emails as "not spam".

Consider doubling up with SMS for important communication

If spam filters are getting you down, remember that SMS's are a more reliable delivery method for important reminders and messages.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact our support team for further assistance.