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Bookem setup checklist before going live

Assuming you're a typical business utilising all of Bookem's features, here's a general setup checklist that you can follow in any order:

General setup list

Now, test it all out

Book yourself, a partner or another team member in. Also let them book themselves in online. This will help you go through the entire flow:

  • Make a booking: test that automated messages for different services are correct and appropriate links are included and work

  • Complete an intake form sent for initial bookings.

    Ask the following:

    • Are your Terms & conditions correct?

    • Do all *required  fields prompt a validation error when submitting a form when not completed?

    • Have a look at the client profile, do all the relevant client data populate on their profiles?

  • Check your invoicing

    Straight from your calendar, click on a test booking and invoice for the test booking. Ask the following:

    • Can you easily search for line items, and is the pricing correct?

    • Are all the required columns showing? If not, you can add more columns by clicking edit columns here)

    • After finalising the invoice, check a PDF version of the invoice and make sure

      • Your logo is showing

      • All relevant and required client details, such as their medical aid or date of birth, is showing

      • Payment methods are listed correctly at the bottom of your invoice, such as your bank details and your payment gateway QR code

  • Check your notes and note templates: Click on a test booking on your calendar. Create a note and then add a Note template by clicking on the clipboard icon on the top right. Are all your templates there? If not, find out how to add some.

You should be all set up and good to go now. If you need any assistance, please contact us on any of listed channels on Help.