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Getting started with Bookem

This article will help you to customise your business and calendar, after which you will be ready to:

  • Add appointments to your Calendar according to your service preferences

  • Take online bookings through your Public Booking Page

  • Send Booking confirmations and reminders

Set up locations

  • Your location is where you run your business. Appointments may physically happen there or you may provide virtual or remote services from your location. You can have as many as you like.

  • Notifications and reminders, can contain a booking details link. If you have an address specified, this link goes to a page with a location map on it, which when clicked by your client will take them there via GPS on Google Maps.

More about locations...

Add team members and resources

  • Add all team members who are available for bookings

  • Add resources that may also be needed for bookings, such as treatment rooms or specialised equipment. This is useful for when

  • Remember to associate Team Members & Resources the location they're serviced at

  • Customise (or get them to after logging in) Team Member notifications, so that they receive appointment related notifications

More about Team Members...

Set your availability

  • Set your availability so that your main calendar has helpful visual cues to clearly indicate when team members are on holiday/time-off vs blocked out vs available/business as usual

  • So that reports work correctly

  • Most importantly, if your business takes online bookings, clients won't be able to book online if this hasn't been done

Add services

  • Associate team members/resources and locations to each service

  • Add pricing if you want it to show on your public booking page

Set booking preferences

Edit automated messages

Customise and set up forms

  • You should have some Sendable Forms, Booking forms and Note Forms set up by default. Edit these or create your own.

More about Forms...

Our Help section is full of information that will help you navigate your way through the setup and is accessible at any time from the purple "Need help?" button on the bottom right of the screen, or from the "Help" link on the left.

Important reading before you set up your business

Availability settings


Booking preferences

Automated messages

Other useful information